Quality and Certifications

Quality is a constant commitment for Farina Presse. All members of staff actively contribute to the reaching of this goal: asserting our aim of leading the “hot forging press” sector. This sector requires innovative products, services and solutions from a technological, productive, environmental and safety point of view.


The pillars of company management are divided into four processes: Quality, Environment, Energy and Safety.
All employees of Farina Presse actively take part to this process.


Quality management system standard.

  • Standard: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015


Environment management system standard.

  • Standard: UNI EN ISO 14001:2015


Energy management system

  • Standard: UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018


Workplace safety and protection of employees’ health.

  • Standard: UNI ISO 45001:2018

Code of Conduct

Compliance and ethics are at the core of the way of doing business of Farina Presse. Integrity, respect, reliability and sustainability are fundamental values for our company. They are pillars and concrete points of reference for all company’s past and future choices.

Employees’ and partners’ passion, co-operation, perspective and versatility are fundamental.

“Compliance” does not only mean to make sure that the working activities are carried out in compliance with all legal requirements; it also means to act according to our company’s values, rules and principles.

Compliance involves all senior managers, employees and all other stakeholders that share the same values and principles stated in our Code of Conduct.

Download the Code of Conduct


Farina Presse rispetta il modello di organizzazione, gestione e controllo come previsto dal Decreto Legislativo n.231/2001.

Strumento che permette all’azienda di prevenire la commissione di reati e di limitare la propria responsabilità in chiave sanzionatoria, evitando le conseguenze che ciò comporterebbe.

Una corretta implementazione del modello 231 permette di: evitare il rischio di sanzioni (pecuniarie o interdittive) con potenziali danni patrimoniali e d’immagine all’azienda. Controllare i costi diretti e indiretti legati alla commissione dei reati.

Il modello individua le procedure operative che l’azienda sviluppa per ridurre il rischio che apicali e sottoposti commettano reati a vantaggio o interesse della società.

Scarica il Modello 231

Whistleblowing – ANDRITZ Speak UP!

Speak UP! è un sistema di segnalazione online, che offre una piattaforma per segnalare alla funzione Compliance del Gruppo i presunti comportamenti illeciti in materia di compliance. Speak UP! è disponibile a chiunque (internamente o esternamente) abbia un interesse legittimo in ANDRITZ.

Accedi alla piattaforma

Quality policy

The quality policy of Farina Presse is based on some principles that can be summarised into a very precise strategy.

Indeed, our deep knowledge of our business sector and market combined with all our clients’ and collaborators’ needs is fundamental to constantly improve and make our company grow.

These are the principles Farina Presse can never forget:

– being innovative in our company’s product technology;
– consolidating our partnership with our clients with reference to collaboration, satisfaction and customer loyalty;
– developing an ever greater synergy with our suppliers;
– assuring our collaborators’ wellbeing and motivation;
– being in harmony with all social stakeholders;
– favouring transparency with the Authorities and control bodies;
– making products and services profitable with added value for everybody;
– making the impacts on society positive;
– demonstrating our legal compliance in all applicable sectors;
– being available to change for a constant improvement of our performances and business continuity.



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