Manipulators and robots

Manipulators and robots are more and more used in hot forging lines. They are specialised in loading and unloading the pieces and in moving them from a die to another one during production. They are used also to move pieces from a press to another.

Farina Presse entirely designs and manufactures its own manipulators. Moreover, it develops tools and grippers specific for the handling of the pieces for every robot. These tools assure high productivity, as they can work uninterruptedly in automatic cycle mode for long periods of time and at maximum precision.
The management of movements and the control of commands are generally integrated in the main press.


Manipulators assure greater productivity and better work quality

Robust and reliable, mechanical hands work in automatic cycle mode or upon direct operator’s instructions

Installed on very powerful presses, robot manipulators can increase production by up to 35%

Manipulators and robots are of great help to the operator that moves the pieces

Choice of manipulators and robots

The manipulators and robots of Farina Presse can be fixed or rotating with up to 5 axes and a capacity from 8 to 500 kg. They are operated from brushless motors and rotating actuators.

Installed on large presses, they can increase production by up to 35%.

In manual production, they load and unload the pieces from the press. Moreover, they help the operator’s activities of moving the pieces.


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