Hot cutting lines

Hot cutting lines complete the production of Farina Presse. Their main characteristics are robustness and high productivity: during the whole process, the pieces are moved less times.
Hot cutting is the process that precedes the printing of the workpieces in the press. The process starts from the loading of bars or pieces on the feeder and ends upon “delivery” of the workpiece to the press at the right temperature and measurement. The piece is now ready to be machined.
An automatic feeder moves the bars of material throughout the whole line. The possible cutting dimensions of the cutter are:

  • Round (Ø up to 300 mm)
  • Bars (Up to 250 x 250 mm).

The hot cutting line of Farina Presse can work also on “special” materials that cannot be cold cut.


Robustness and high productivity

Maximum reduction of material handling

Cutter equipped with calibre for measurement

They can machine also “special” materials that cannot be cold cut


The hot cutting lines of Farina Presse are modular and composed of several machining sectors. Among them, we can find:

  • Bar loading device: whole bars are placed on this device to be subsequently automatically loaded onto the first roller conveyor, known as “cold” roller conveyor
  • Cold roller conveyor with bar Pusher and Meter: the passing of bars is controlled
  • Hot roller conveyor with induction Oven: the material is heated to the trimming and moulding temperature
  • Cutter with measurement calibre: the bars are cut at the length required for moulding


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