Energy-saving KERS presses

The traditional presses used in hot forging are not energetically efficient. Indeed, up to 40% of the energy is dispersed into the environment in the form of heat.

The flywheel loses up to 20% of thermal energy during clutch engagement. Another 20% is lost during the braking phase at the end of the cycle.

The KERS System (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) applied to presses eliminates all energy losses. A torque motor starts the forging process without the clutch. In this way, all the energy of the flywheel is used for the forging process.

Moreover, the KERS system conveys all the energy released during the braking process to the flywheel.
Thanks to the KERS System, it is possible to reach almost 100% energy efficiency.

ADVANTAGES of the KERS system

Ideal for continuous forging process

Greater number of strokes per minute

Up to 40% energy saving

Less wear of brake disks and clutch

Reduced maintenance downtime

Greater press efficiency

Less vibrations

More silent

Reduced foundation works


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