Die lubrication

Die lubrication is a fundamental operation in hot forging.
During production, it aims at cleaning, lubricating and cooling the die improving the sliding of material and reducing surface wear.

The commonest lubricant is a mix of water and graphite. In contact with the hot piece, water evaporates creating a steam cloud that cools the die down. Thanks to its lubricant detaching properties, graphite creates a film on the die that lubricates its walls and favours the separation of the piece being extracted.

This process assures a better product machinability and protects the die, thus increasing its duration.


Die-holder lubrication allows to clean, lubricate and cool the die-holder.

A mix of water and graphite is often used as lubricant.

Graphite has lubricant, detaching properties that favours the separation of the piece upon extraction.

Lubrication improves product machinability and protects the die.

Possible applications of die-holder lubrications

The automated die-holder lubrication process can be applied to:

  • independent spraying arm
  • spraying system integrated into the transfer bars
  • spraying system activated from hands and robots
  • spraying system installed directly on the press


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