The hydraulic locking die-holder allows to change the dies faster than a standard mechanical one. The system is composed of the hydraulic locking die-holder and a lift arm to remove the pieces.

This system allows to replace the whole set of dies placed in their cassette-plates, reducing press downtime to few minutes.

The whole operation of die changing is managed and controlled from a PLC step by step. The system can be installed on all existing presses also of other brands.


Through the automated die-holder system, it is possible to reduce press downtime to few minutes

The system allows to replace the whole set of dies in the cassette-plates with a single operation

The die-holder can be installed on all existing presses, also of other brands

The die-holder allows to perform die replacement in a much faster time than a standard mechanical one

How the die-holder works

The die-holder follows these automation phases:

  • the hydraulic cylinders unlock setting the holders free
  • a hydraulic cylinder pushes the cassette-plates on the plate of the die lifting arm placed at the entrance of the work area on specifically-dedicated shelves
  • once the cassette-plates have been released, the arm lifts and takes them out of the press to be changed.

The die lifting arm is activated manually, with or without the help of locking brakes. Alternatively, it is automated with hydraulic movement.


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