Complete lines for hot forging

Farina Presses produces complete lines for hot forging. They can be customised based on client’s specific needs.
Our company’s services include all phases: from design to production; from installation to final test, and post-sale assistance. Our clients can benefit from a single person of reference for any problem or request.
Upon designing the forging lines, our technical office takes in consideration various criteria, such as: production capacity, flexibility, the complexity of the workpiece and the dimensions of the batch to produce.
In order to shorten the installation phase at our clients’ premises, the forging line can be cold tested at our plant.


Maximum flexibility and personalisation of the layout of the line

Consultancy about choice and production of all necessary equipment for the production line

Production of control systems to optimise the performances of the line

The lines can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic with manipulators

Operating mode of lines

Our complete hot forging lines can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic. They can also be equipped with manipulators, robots and transfers.

Automatic operation

This operation mode provides for the use of transfers, manipulators and robots that move the pieces in a completely automatic way during all phases of production.
The whole line is enclosed by a fence with interlocked gates that prevent access.
During the line automatic operation, the operators only have a control function.

Semi-automatic operation

The manipulators and robots move the workpieces automatically for the loading and unloading of the work area. These pieces of equipment support the operator, who deals only with the forging phase of the pieces in the work area.

Manual operation

All movement activities for the loading and unloading of the pieces from the work area and their forging are carried out by the operator.


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