Complete lines for metal hot forging

Farina Presse designs and produces different types of presses as well as complete lines for hot forging. Our company deals with all production process – from design to commissioning. Active post-sale, assistance and retrofitting services are also available in order to modify pieces of equipment of all brands and models. In this way, they can comply with all safety and productive standards currently in force.

Yoke Presses

Our GLF mechanical presses have been the core of our production since 2005. Under constant technological evolution, they assure high productivity and precision in hot forging.

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Energy saving
KERS Presses

Our KERS presses eliminate all energy dispersion. A torque motor starts the forging process without using the clutch. In this way, all energy of the flywheel is used for the forging process.

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Fully automated and highly flexible presses. They are the maximum expression of automation in hot forging. Transfer presses can increase production capacity by over 100% compared with traditional presses.

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Hot trimming

Extremely strong and precise to achieve maximum process quality. It is possible to customise press table plates, slides and the output systems of forged pieces.

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Complete lines
for hot forging

Our complete lines for hot forging can be manual, semi-automatic, automatic with manipulators and robots and automatic with transfer.

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Hot cutting completes the Farina Presse line for steel forging. Robust and highly performing, it improves the performance of the line, reducing material handling.

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Manipulators and robots

Our manipulators are strong and reliable. They are easy to use and work automatically or under direct operator’s control. The manipulators are used to place or remove the pieces from the press.

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The hydraulic locking die-holder allows to change the dies faster than a standard mechanical one. The system is composed of the hydraulic locking die-holder and a lift arm to remove the pieces.

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Die lubrication is a fundamental operation in hot forging. This process assures greater machinability of the pieces and protects the die, thus increasing its duration

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