This section is wholly dedicated to the news from the world of presses and of the industrial hot forging of metal. Moreover, it is possible to find all reports of the exhibitions where Farina Presse presents its products and its latest technology

Farina Presse is proud of being a member of the Energy Efficiency Movement

With currently over 200 members, the initiative led by ABB aims at bringing together the largest number possible of companies ...
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Farina Presse has turned 90 (1932-2022)

In 2022, Farina Presse celebrated its 90th birthday. It was  1932, when Domenico Farina founded his company in Lecco. From ...
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16,000 press: a record press

Farina Presse has undertaken a real challenge.. A record, not only at Italian level, but also at global level.. Following ...
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