European and World Markets

Most production of Farina Presse is destined to overseas markets. However, many orders have recently come from the Italian market thanks to the fiscal incentives offered to companies by the Italian Government. The European market predominates. In particular, the German, Spanish, French, Austrian and Lithuanian markets are quite strong. Extra-EU countries, such as China, India, the USA and Mexico are also important output markets for the products of Farina Presse.
Moreover, being our company part of the Schuler Group, Farina Presse has gained access to its vast market. As such, it is now able to take orders from all over the world.

The operators of Farina Presse personally follow also the very important phases of transportation, installation and final testing, as well as post-sale assistance.


Oversize load shipping

On top of production, Farina Presse deals with all post-production phases. Transportation, there included press unloading and assembling at our clients’ premises, is carried out by our trusted partners under the supervision of our in-house logistics department. The press instead, is always assembled by our skilled and efficient workers.

Not only: the final testing and post-sale assistance are included services performed by our skilled workers.


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