In 1932, Domenico Farina founded the “Costruzioni Meccaniche Farina”. It was a workshop for the production of dies for cutting metal sheets.

The first Farina press was born out of the need of in-house testing the new products of the company.

Initially, the presses were used only for metal sheet cutting

In the 1970s, Farina Presses shifted its focus to the production of metal hot forging presses. It also integrated the press range with accessories and devices necessary for the hot forging process completion and automation

Today, Farina Presse designs and builds customised presses and complete hot forging lines. Moreover, Farina Presse retrofits and updates existing presses.

Our History

  • 1932

    Domenico Farina founds the company “Costruzioni Meccaniche” in Suello (Lc)

  • 1940

    Our company begins to build small presses

  • 1950

    The production of double connecting rod presses starts

  • 1960

    First “GAS press” for hot forging (up to 1,000 tonnes)

  • 1980

    Farina Presse widens the work range of GAS presses up to 2,500 tonnes

  • 1990

    The company specialises also in the production of parts composing hot forging lines

  • 2010

    Farina Presse creates the GLF presses without connecting rod and a work range up to 8,000 tonnes

  • 2018

    Farina Presse is taken over by the German Group, Schuler

  • 2019

    Farina Presse installs the first press equipped with KERS system

  • 2021

    Farina Presse creates a 160,000 tonnes press – the largest ever made

  • 2022

    Production of several energy-saving KERS presses

Farina Presse today – 90 years

Farina Presse has turned 90. The company was born in the 1930s as a mechanical workshop that produced metal sheet cutting machines.

The company expanded quickly and eventually built a press to test the product dies in-house.

This decision turned out to be fundamental for the subsequent production choices made by Farina Presse. Indeed, they began the production of presses for metal sheet cutting and forging.

Press production further expanded Farina Presse’s business. For this reason, in 1966, it moved to its current location, in Suello.

In the 1970s, the production focused on more powerful and precise hot forging presses thanks to the development of technology.

From this moment on, Farina Presse specialised in the production of complete lines for hot forging presses.

In 2009, the company opened the new assembly area that can hold large presses.

In 2018, the company was bought by SCHULER, a large German company specialised in cold forging.

Our mission and values

Quality is a fundamental value to satisfy our clients’ needs with reference to reliability, experience, innovation and customised technology.

The result of this quality policy comprises also post-sale assistance for the up keeping of machinery efficiency and state-of-the-art technological solutions in the hot forging sector.

To assure our company’s competitiveness and growth, we constantly invest in Human Resources, organisation, process optimisation and know-how.

The environment is a resource that needs to be protected and respected by everyone of us. Moreover, our effort is focused on constant technological development to assure that our company’s growth is compatible with environmentally-friendly solutions.

Safety on the workplace has always been at the centre of our company’s attention to assure people’s health, the reliability of our machines and our services of assistance.

We consider ethics as a form of social responsibility necessary to operate transparently with reference to financial transactions, the employment of human resources and materials, land exploitation, and the relationship with society more in general.


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