Farina Presse has turned 90 (1932-2022)

In 2022, Farina Presse celebrated its 90th birthday.

It was  1932, when Domenico Farina founded his company in Lecco. From that moment on, in the course of the decades, his company has turned into an important historical company of Lecco’s territory.
The company moved to Suello, a small village in the province of Lecco, in 1966, when the growth of the company needed a newer and larger plant  where to operate from. In 2018, the third generation of the Farina-Civardi family sold their company to the Schuler Group – the Göppingen-based German leader in metal forming. This takeover opened new productive markets to Farina Presse in Europe, China, and America. Moreover, it has strengthened its presence in over 40 countries.

La sede di Farina Presse a Suello

Farina Presse has recently and consciously accepted the challenge of environmental sustainability, investing resources and energy to make its manufacturing plant and products more environmentally sustainable. Our energy-saving “green presses” were born precisely  from this vision . Marco Gritti, the company’s CEO, explained that these presses are equipped with a

KERS system for energy recovery by the means of inverters and torque motors that allow the press to use 40% less energy compared with older presses.  Moreover, they are silent and do not vibrate. As such, the impact and costs for the creation of the press foundations, as well as downtime and maintenance interventions are reduced. In this way, operators also benefit from a better work environment”.

90 years after its foundation, Farina Presse can boast a turnover that is 70-80% “environmentally sustainable” . Our challenge for the near future is to create presses that operate with less and less energy. The challenge is on!

Happy Birthday, Farina Presse!