16,000 press: a record press

Farina Presse has undertaken a real challenge.. A record, not only at Italian level, but also at global level..

Following an order placed by a German company operating in the automotive sector, in 2021 Farina Presse delivered, installed and tested the biggest forging press in the world. It is a unique and gigantic machine .

Indeed, this press is a 16 thousand tonnes tonnes of power. It is about 13 metres high and has an overall weight of 1850 tonnes. Moreover, it can produce a piece every 20 seconds.

La pressa 16 mila realizzata da Farina Presse

Marco Gritti e Paolo Civardi, respectively CEO and former owner of Farina Presse stated:

“it was not easy to build such press. However, thanks to our designers and specialised engineers, we managed to do it. This press is source of great pride for us and, above all, for the “Made in Italy”.

Of course, the creation of such a piece of equipment was not easy at all, both for what concerns its gigantic dimensions, and for the time when it was designed and assembled.

“The dimensions of this press required time and energy as we had never done anything similar before. The order for this press was placed in April 2019. The phase of technical design lasted for months; whilst the effective production and assembly phases started during the Sars-Cov-19 pandemic in March 2020.”

A great source of pride for the “Made in Italy”!

Tutti i tecnici di Farina Presse accanto alla pressa dei record