Personalised presses and complete lines for metal hot forging.

Farina Presse designs and creates complete lines for metal hot forging.
Farina Presse is able to cover the whole production process in-house – from design to installation and maintenance.
Farina Presse also offers the service of retrofitting of existing presses and equipment of all brands or models.

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Production of industrial presses

Farina Presse designs and creates complete lines for metal hot forging. Our in-house Technical Office is able to design and produce personalised pieces of equipment that can satisfy all clients’ needs.

Our company’s offer includes also our excellent retrofitting service. This allows to update presses and pieces of equipment to the safety and productive standards currently in force.

Farina Presse has been part of the Schuler Group since 2018. The Schuler Group was founded in Göppingen, Germany, in 1839. It currently has about 6,600 employees in its manufacturing plants in Europe, China and America.

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Sistema kers

The KERS System has been installed on the presses developed by Farina Presse. It allows a better management of energy dispersion that occur during press operation.

In detail, a specific torque motor starts the forging cycle without the use of the clutch. In this way, all the energy of the flywheel is used for the forging process.

Thanks to the KERS system, almost 100% of energy efficiency can be reached.

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