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Farina Presse


Farina Presse designs and manufacturers linee complete hot steel forging lines, from design to commissioning.

Custom mechanical and electronic design

Flexibility and active participation in customer projects.

Press and existent system reconditioning

Specialised in updating any press brand and model.

Direct and fast customer service

Prompt service in 24 hours in Italy and 48 hours in Europe.

World market coverage

Europe, Asia, America…


The company was established in the 30s as “Costruzioni Meccaniche Farina”, a metal cutting die construction workshop. The company grew quickly and an in-house sample press was built to test the shop’s products.

The excellent results of this operation led to future production choices, starting with press production for metal cutting and forging.

Press production furthered company growth which moved to a larger area in Suello over the years.

With the advent of new technologies in the 70s, production shifted to hot steel forging presses: more powerful and precise. From this moment on, Farina Presse has been specialising in the production of complete hot steel forging systems.

The new three-story building was built in 2004 for the engineering area.

The new assembly area able to house large sized presses was completed in 2009.


1932 - “Domenico Farina” plaque

Founder of “Costruzioni Meccaniche Presse e Bilancieri”.