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Company mission


Quality is a mandatory commitment to meet our customers’ needs in terms of reliability, experience, innovation and customised technology.

The expected result is customer fidelity, customer service to keep systems installed on customers’ premises safe and efficient, market share growth with new, selected customers who receive innovative technological solutions in the hot forging sector.

To ensure competitiveness and growth, the company continuously invests in human resources, the organisation and the optimisation of processes and know-how.

The environment is a resource to be protected that must receive the utmost care and respect from all workers. We strive to continuously research new technologies to ensure sustainable company growth with eco-compatible solutions.

Workplace safety, in addition to being mandatory, is a company value that ensure workman’s safety, machine reliability and quality customer services.

The code of ethics sets the social responsibility of accountability in trade relations, employment, the use of material resources, land exploitation and relations with the community in general.